Au seuil du futur | On the threshold of the future

We find ourselves in a state of societal up- heaval. This observation is nothing new – in recent years the phenomena of globalisation, digitalisation, climate change and demographic development among others have widely become the subject of discussion, including in the cultural sector. However, the awareness of global correlations within societal development has indeed risen since the increase in the migration of countless people to Europe, the result of the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. The question of living together in our society, in particular the challenges of migration and right wing populism, should also be addressed, together with the younger generation, by cultural institutions from the perspective of culture politics on a European level.

The European event series »On the Threshold of the Future«, that began in November 2016 at Castle Genshagen, made this its task and confronted the role and the contribution of art, the cultural sector and arts education in social participation, in the European and intergenerational context.


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