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CUSP - Regional Forum Theater Tour in Morocco

As part of the CUSP - Culture for Inclusive and Sainstable Peace project. Racines aisbl organized a series of forum theater workshops in three regions in Morocco (Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, Souss-Massa and Casablanca-Settat), in partnership with local associations, in particular the association Tamaynut (Tiznit), The forum association of rif women (Al Hoceima) and IFAAP “Training and Support Initiatives for Local...


États Généraux de la Culture au Maroc #3 - The documentary

In november 2018, Racines organized the 3rd edition of Etats Généraux de la Culture au Maroc, in partnership with Association Tiznit des Cultures Urbaines, during the 8th edition of Amur'Art festival, in Tiznit. #EGC3 - The documentary is directed by Sauphiane Idelcadi /...


Racines Carrées opens its documentation center for students and researchers in the cultural and artistic sector

Equipped with a collective workspace connected to internet, a meeting room and a documentation center, Racines Carrées opens its doors every Wednesday to students and researchers in the cultural and artistic sector in order to consult its documentation center which houses a large trilingual selection (arabic, french, english) of reference works and specialized magazines (weekly, monthly, biweekly, quarterly ...), articles, field studies, national and international reports, guides, CDs and archives classified in the different artistic disciplines (music, theater, dance, circus and...


The incubator Racines Carrées: Operational pre-test phase

The project holders that were selected for the pre-test phase are enrolled in the elaboration of the first drafts of their project proposals. Racines Carrées offers them a co-working space, a documentation center, personalized meetings and a global generic training. 

This phase lasts for 3 months, and consists mainly in moments of exchange, sharing and capacity building of artists and cultural operators that are enrolled in the incubator's programme. 
After a week of collective training in March, on the elaboration of cultural projects, the project holders will benefit from...


Racines : Activity report for 2018

Racines released its activity report for 2018. It is a full report of Racines' projects in 2018, its projected activities for 2019, its networks, participation to conferences and meetings and a detailed description of the association's vision, mission and goals. 
Link to read the full report 


Racines invited by the League of Education of Pas-De-Calais

As part of the departmental week "Make fraternity" organized by the League of Education of Pas-De-Calais, France. Mehdi Azdem, was invited on Tuesday, March 26th at the round table: "How does culture strengthen fraternity?" at the Fabrique at Bethune.

Alongside the Algerian author Akli Tadjer and Bruno Lajara from the Envol association, the debate focused on the values of fraternity, citizenship and living together with the audience of the Pas-De-Calais department. This exchange based on the experiences of the speakers in terms of using the cultural and artistic tool to make...


For an Observatory of Freedom of Association and Artistic and Cultural Expression

Attacks on freedoms are increasing in Europe and among our close neighbours. A associated Euro-Mediterranean and African network of activists, civil actors and researchers is creating an observatory to assess and report violations and failures to respect the rights of association and cultural and artistic expression.

At the beginning of 2019, the situation of guarantees of civil liberties is worrying. Barriers to freedom of association and expression are more common. Directly or more indirectly, public authorities appear to want to place limits on the position of cultural...


Say No to the dissolution of Racines


The civil court of first instance of Casablanca pronounced, on December 26, 2018, the dissolution of Racines, at the request of the governor of Casablanca-Anfa acting for the Interior Ministry. The association is charged with "(...) organizing activities falling outside the scope of the objectives mentioned in its statutes", by providing its premises for the filming of "The saga of the nihilists", 7th episode of the satirical web program called "1 diner, 2 cons...


Site-in | website for citizen expression

Site-in is a space for citizen expression and an agora where different voices can be heard. The website is independent and doesn’t use advertisement. It is not representing any movement nor it is affiliated to any political movement. Site-in gathers authentic speeches that are often unheard, and shares them while inviting the citizens to share their ideas and experiences. Our mission is being a sounding board for many reflections, visions and opinions that are not (or not enough) represented.

Site-in offers other ways of...


Closing of the Cycle of regional meetings on civic education in Morocco

As part of the project « Taqafa Mouwatina – emancipate through education » for citizens’ speech emancipation through the advocacy for civic and citizenship education, Racines organised, in partnership with the Espace Tabadoul the fourth and last meeting on civic education in Morocco, on Friday 15th of February 2019 at the Espace Tabadoul in Tangier.

This conference is part of a cycle of 4 regional meetings open to the public in order to gather every parties involved, either public,...