Gender based violence in Morocco

This study is part of the research network “Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace (CUSP) Network Plus” led by the University of Glasgow which brings together researchers and civil society organizations from six countries, namely: Ghana, Morocco, Mexico, Palestine, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.
This study articulates around three fundamental axes: the first is a literature review in which we analyse the different existing forms of GBV in Morocco, the national and international legal frames that regulate it, as well as an illustration through emblematic examples of GBV that have taken place in Morocco.The second axis consists of qualitative research, through the means of semi- structured interviews, in order to collect data from intellectuals, representatives of national civil society organizations, international NGOs and activists on their work-related experience, the difficulties they face as well as their recommendations to fight GBV in Morocco.

CUSP 2021/08/16

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