Association Racines

The actions of Racines


Racines association militates, on a national, regional, continental and international scale, for:
- The promotion of access to culture for all as a universal human right;
- The promotion of culture as a vector of democracy and human, social and economic development;
- The establishment of effective and appropriate cultural policies;
- The promotion of cultural diversity;
- A true cultural economy and viable creative industries for artists and professionals;
- The status and rights of artists and their freedom of expression and creation;


Racines association also aims to support the initiatives of public, private or academic cultural actors and professionals in the field of culture:
- Building and developing effective advocacy networks for the cultural and creative sector;
- Collect, update and disseminate information, data and documents useful to cultural organisations;
- To stimulate and organize debates on arts, culture, democracy, citizen empowerment, international solidarity...
- To help build national, regional, continental and international circuits (festivals, meetings, etc.) to disseminate cultural goods and services and enable artists to disseminate their creations
- Contribute to the training and development of human resources in the cultural sector;
- To improve working and living conditions, and to defend the rights of artists and cultural professionals;
- Participate in the popularization of the arts among the public;
- Participate in meetings, conferences, debates and forums on culture and development issues.