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Racines Carrées: Incubation of the class of 2021

Racines Carrées, an artistic and cultural project incubator, has relaunched its activities in September 2021 and has therefore welcomed a completely new promotion of artists and cultural entrepreneurs. 

The group, which is currently pursuing the incubation programme established by Racines Carrées, is composed of about thirty participants for about a dozen projects emerging from different cities and regions of Morocco and belonging to various artistic disciplines (visual arts, circus, literature, dance, theatre...). 

Several of these projects are multidisciplinary, combining art and anthropology, psychology or art therapy.

The incubation programme took place as follows:

  • The pre-test phase (3 months): The project holders selected on the basis of their application dossier underwent a 5-day training session and two mentoring sessions with the members of the Racines Carrées team so they could finalise their dossiers and prepare the final presentation to the jury, which evaluated their work and selected the projects able to participate in the second incubation phase. 
  • The incubation phase (7 months): This stage consists of offering theoretical training to the selected incubatees at the rate of one training session per month (cultural action, law of cultural activities, administrative, financial and technical management of cultural projects, communication and relations with audiences, cultural environment, etc.). This phase also offers the incubates immersion internships to be carried out in local cultural structures or abroad, and the organisation of popular education workshops. 

At the end of this phase, the incubates will present their final projects to a second jury in September.


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11/08/2022 - 15:14