Association Racines

Racines Carrées opens its documentation center for students and researchers in the cultural and artistic sector

Equipped with a collective workspace connected to internet, a meeting room and a documentation center, Racines Carrées opens its doors every Wednesday to students and researchers in the cultural and artistic sector in order to consult its documentation center which houses a large trilingual selection (arabic, french, english) of reference works and specialized magazines (weekly, monthly, biweekly, quarterly ...), articles, field studies, national and international reports, guides, CDs and archives classified in the different artistic disciplines (music, theater, dance, circus and street arts, literature and poetry, photography, heritage, cinema, visual arts, architecture, ...). The main idea is to provide students and researchers with easy and oriented access to documentary and multimedia resources, all in an atmosphere of exchange and conviviality.

The documentation center is organized by category. we find:

  1. Cultural and creative Industries
  2. Economy and management
  3. Cultural diversity
  4. Cultural Policy
  5. Arts
  6. Politics and Society
  7. Law
  8. Reports and Guides
  9. History and Literature
  10. ​Education

Public hours

The documentation center is open to the public every Wednesday from 10:30 to 18:00

Useful informations

05/04/2019 - 15:24