CUSP – Regional tour of forum theater workshops in Morocco

As part of the CUSP – Culture for Inclusive and Sainstable Peace project. Racines aisbl organized a series of forum theater workshops in three regions in Morocco (Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, Souss-Massa and Casablanca-Settat), in partnership with local associations, in particular the association Tamaynut (Tiznit), The forum association of rif women (Al Hoceima) and IFAAP “Training and Support Initiatives for Local Actors” (Casablanca).

The workshops were organized between January and April 2021. Each workshop brought together around twenty women, artists and artisans. They were an opportunity to identify the difficulties that women artists / artisans face on a daily basis; promote expression and questioning of the issues of gender equality, access to professions, the visibility of women artists / artisans and their works, copyright, gender stereotypes, etc; create a space for debate and exchange of views on the issues addressed; coordinate the discussions and ideas proposed by the women participating in the workshop.

Two researchers attended and observed the workshops from the beginning until the end. Individual interviews were conducted with participating women. Two film directors documented the workshops and followed the women in their workplace, according to a previously written script.

The data collected during these workshops will serve as a basis for writing both a practical guide for women artists and artisans in Morocco and a book that relays the stories of women participating in the workshops and offers a sociological analysis of the phenomenon of insidious violence in Morocco, towards women. A documentary film on the same theme will be produced.

Racines News CUSP 2022/02/28

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