E-discussion on Culture and Development

In the Post-2015 development agenda, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNDP organize global thematic discussions on culture and development. Global consultations will be conducted at several stages and in this context an e-discussion and a call for papers have been launched to stimulate discussion and dialog between experts and the stakeholders all over the world. For more details: Culture in the post-2015 agenda post-2015: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440843 Culture and poverty reduction: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440842 Culture and education: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440840 Culture, gender equality and women’s empowerment: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440838 Culture, sustainable cities and urbanization: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440836 Culture, the environment and climate change: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440834 Culture, inclusion and reconciliation: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/440833

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