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Closing of the 1st edition of Wennibik Festival

Racines organized the 1st edition of Wennibik Festival, from January 19th to 22nd, 2017, in Laayoune.

Wennibik was a practical exercise, successfully led by the trainees, who benefited from a training program in the administration and technical professions of performing arts. The program is entitled: “Le Son du Sud“.

"Le Son du Sud" a été proposé et mis en oeuvre par Racines dans la région de Laayoune Sakia El Hamra, en 2016, en partenariat avec la Fondation Phosboucraa, que nous remercions vivement de nous avoir accompagnés.  


“Le Son du Sud“ is a program suggested and implement by Racines in the region “Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra“ in 2016, in partnership with Phosboucraa Foundation, that we thank for the accompaniment.


We thank all of our guests: speakers, poets, facilitators, reporters, musicians, actors, photographers, skaters, bikers …


We thank the Regional Director of Culture and all the team of Oum Essaad Cultural Center. We also thank the directors and the team of the Regional Direction of Youth and Sports, of the Youth Center Al Massira (Laayoune) and Al Qods (Tarfaya), of the Social, Educational and Sports center Hay Al Amal and “Palais des Congrès“ for their reception during the training and the festival.

We thank all of our partners, who helped us achieve the 1st edition of Wennibik : the Wilaya of the Region Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra, the City Council of Laayoune, the Regional Council of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra, the Prefectural Council of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra. We also thank the local authorities (the National safety, the auxiliary forces, public health services, civil protection services, the National Mutual Aid, ONEE …).


We thank the technical team, the photographers and journalists.

We thank all the Moroccan and international trainers who shared their knowledge with the trainees.

We thank Laayoune and all its citizens for their sympathy and welcoming.

We particularly thank and congratulate all the trainees of “Le Son du Sud“.
We wish you a lot of success to transform Laayoune and its region through your cultural and artistic projects.

Racines’ team.


Photos & videos of the festival: