Article 20

Racines’ Index is an international instrument to measure the level of respect, by all countries in the world, of the freedoms of association and assembly (article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association”.) It stems from the fact that there is no ranking of countries according to their respect for civil society and the rights of association and assembly. Racines’ Index intends to position itself as a new indicator of democracy in the world.                                        

Racines’ Index comprises four main activities:
 1. The publication every two years of a ranking of countries according to the respect of the right of association and assembly on the basis of a universal index;
2. The continuous publication on a website of cases of violations of freedom of association and assembly at the international level;
3. The publication of regular thematic reports on an issue or trend (international, regional or national) related to the right of association and assembly;
4. The organization of a biannual international civil society forum to present the results of the index and create spaces for debate, exchange and advocacy by CSOs.

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