BOZA! selection in the SWIFF

We are pleased to announce that our documentary film, BOZA! , has been selected to be showcased at the Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF). This recognition highlights the film’s significant impact and its ability to shed light on the complex issues surrounding migration and human rights.

BOZA! is a 26-minute documentary that follows the journey of Barnes, Joel, and Abdou, three individuals who embark on a quest for a better life, leaving their respective countries behind. Throughout their arduous journey to the European “Eldorado,” they encounter unforeseen challenges that test their resilience and hope. The film delves into the various aspects of the migratory adventure, portraying the emotions of fear, rejection, hope, and resilience that are intrinsic to such journeys.

The selection of BOZA! for the Student World Impact Film Festival underscores the film’s ability to captivate audiences and initiate crucial conversations. By sharing the personal stories of these individuals, the documentary aims to foster empathy and understanding while raising awareness about the realities faced by migrants worldwide.