UNESCO: Status of the Artist – Survey for consolidated report

UNESCO is undertaking an important review of the implementation of the UNESCO 1980 Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist. This is a timely and valuable exercise that will furnish us with current data regarding the status of the artist nationally, regionally and globally, and which will be reflected in a consolidated report to be presented to the UNESCO General Conference in 2015. A Survey is being sent to all UNESCO Member States as well as Non-Governmental Organizations and other civil society organizations. UNESCO invites your organization to participate in the Survey as well as the text of the 1980 Recommendation. You can download the Survey in Word format here. You can complete the Survey by typing answers directly into this document electronically, saving it, and emailing it to the following address: [email protected] The deadline for submitting the completed Survey is 15 January 2015.

News from elsewhere 2014/12/11

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