YATF: Grants for Temporary Spaces or Projects

YATF provides grants to enable the realization of short-term contemporary arts spaces or projects that are developed by two or more collaborators in the Arab World. Temporary here means projects that either conceptually have a limited timeframe or are as yet not in need of an institutional framework, e.g., grants could support those wishing to develop and present a series of public events, publications, exhibition projects, or some collective research or meetings addressing a specific topic. This program is a new initiative and is open to ideas, so please send us your proposal even if it is not fully developed yet. In addition to financial support, YATF is also able to provide ongoing logistical and organizational advice to grant recipients. There are approximately five grants to be awarded in 2015, with an average value of 8000 euros. Applications are due on February 20, 2015, and the results will be communicated within four weeks of that date. Two external advisors along with members of YATF staff select the grant recipients. The advisors’ names are published after recipients are announced. Info and application: http://www.yatfund.org

News from elsewhere 2014/12/25

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