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Goethe-Institut : Open call for choreographic projects in the MENA Region

Application Deadline: April 21st 2019 Results: May 6th 2019

The Goethe-Institut is launching a project to support choreographic creations in the MENA region. It proposes to select eight artists from and based in the region. Each artist will be creating a choreographic project centred on notions of autonomy and body politics. The Goethe-Institut provides financial support for the productions and accompanies artists from conception to implementation.


“Un /Controlled Gestures?” invites to question "kafala (ةلافك)", a traditional concept in some Arab countries. While "kafala" has different forms and characteristics within Arab countries, it always implies both a dimension of control and protection above others. What is kafala today? Can it guarantee the integrity and dignity of the other? Or is it a permissive access to the integrity of others? Moreover, how is this sophisticated system amplified in our contemporary societies? How do other patterns of control and use of others occur in the current socio-political sphere?

Dance, as the essentially bodily art, offers stages to echo these states of mind and help to redraw and invent new ways of sensing, new configurations and new vocabularies in the new performative body.

Young artists are invited to question the concepts of autonomy and self-determination, submission and limitations of the body. They create and present new performances which artistically reflect on the public discourse and the difficult question of the “power of disposition”.

The project allows artists to take part in a theoretical workshop about kafala and two residencies to develop new works relating to the topic. (Location: Egypt, Morocco)

Objectives of the program

- Reflecting theoretically and philosophically about the power of disposition and body politics - Connecting and networking young choreographers and artists from the region - Acquisition of new skills - Mutual appreciation in a frame of critical and constructive sphere - (Co)producing dance pieces - Diffusing dance productions and connecting dance creators and audiences via performances

in the MENA region, in Germany and Europe - Facilitating transnational cooperation.


Advice and Networking The eight participants are advised and accompanied by two dance experts during the creative process: Mrs Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi, Performing Arts Curator and Dramaturge based in Brussels, Mrs Anna Mülter, Dance Curator at the Sophiensaele Berlin / Tanztage Berlin and tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

The selected participants will meet physically three times and will have time during these residencies to develop their creative processes and exchange with other artists from the region. Travel and accommodation costs during the three working periods will be funded by the Goethe-Institut.

Production Grant The Goethe-Institut will award a grant (around € 2.000) to each selected artist to produce the performance. Participants are allowed to find co-production funds but have to inform the Goethe- Institut about them first.

Visibility and Distribution Participants will have the opportunity to show their works in a Goethe-Institut of the region, in a regional dance festival or in a German / European dance theatre.


Eligibility Criteria

- Any artist or company based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that wants to

develop a choreographic project dealing with the proposed topic; - Interdisciplinarity is highly encouraged. - The artist or company has already created at least one choreographic work. - Only citizens of a country from the MENA region and those who are mainly based in and

work primarily in the MENA region may apply: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Obligations for participants

- Developing a new performing work related to the proposed questions in this call. Finished

projects will not be accepted. - Taking part in all three common sessions in Morocco, Egypt and a third country in the MENA

region. - Being released from all other professional activities during the entire period of the

workshops and residencies (see dates below). - Informing the curators and the Goethe-Institut about the project’s development (important

changes, difficulties, questions, etc.).


2019 June, 12th-14th, Rabat, MOROCCO Three-day theoretical workshop about the concept of “kafala” and body politics The choreographers meet for the first time. They engage with the topic on a theoretical and practical level. For two days, they attend a workshop with scientists, cultural theorists, artists and dance experts to explore legal, philosophical, religious and artistic approaches to the topic “kafala”. On the third day, the artists will exchange their ideas with the curators and dramaturges.

2019 June 28th: The participants have to send in a first concept of their choreographic project.

2019 September 06th – 13th, Cairo, Egypt One Week Residency Time for research and experimentation. Discussions and exchange between peers, insight into the work in progress. Encounters with choreographers, performers and artists from Cairo.

2020, January 20th - February 2nd, location to be determined 2nd Residency with dancers of the productions Works are finalised and will be presented.

2020 Performances Selected works are performed at various locations in North Africa/the Middle East or/and in Germany and Europe


Selection Committee Both curators will review the applications in accordance with the Goethe-Instituts from the region. Maximal eight participants will be chosen. The commission has absolute authority. Its decisions are final.

Application - Required documents All applications must be submitted via email and sent to: [email protected] Please write in the subject of the email „kafala” and your name.

Application deadline: April, 21st 201 Publication of the results: May, 6th 2019

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the project coordinators at the email address provided above.

Languages: The evaluation committee is international, with Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic-speaking people. If possible, applications will be in English or French, but applications in Arabic are also accepted.

The following documents must be included in each application (files should be in pdf format):

- Application form (see last page of the call) with: one recent passport photo, dated and

signed sworn statement, certifying the accuracy of the information provided and that the candidate agrees to the general terms and conditions of the programme. - A copy of your passport (identification page) - Letter of motivation The letter of motivation is not meant to present finished works. Rather use this letter to express your motivation to participate in the project and your first ideas on the topic and the future performance. If a project around the topic is already under way, specify since when and indicate if any steps of the work have already been shown or supported. - A detailed CV and a short biography; - Visual or video presentation of at least one previous chorographical project. Due to the

sheer volume of data, audio and visual samples can only be submitted in the form of internet links. - A PDF file compiling previous and current works and artistic creations

APPLICATION FORM “Un/Controlled Gestures?” (Working Title) Questioning kafala (ةلافك) today in the MENA Region

 [email protected]

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