Dert Boom – Heading for Argentina and Canada. May the debate continue!

We are pleased to announce that our documentary film “Dert Boom” has been selected for the “Short Long World Festival, Corrientes, Argentina” running from November 12 to 14 2023 in Corrientes. Also, it has been chosen for screening at the Festival du film de femmes de Montréal from March 05 to 08, 2024.

The film’s selection at national and international film festivals is a great opportunity to extend reflection and debate on gender-based violence, while learning about strategies deployed by Moroccan women in order to oppose forms of violence perpetuated by patriarchy.



Moroccan women deconstruct patriarchy, laugh at its absurdity, and express their ardent desire for freedom, their dreams and their aspirations. Overflowing with emancipatory fervor, their life stories are a rallying cry against an insidious patriarchy.

In a country torn between conservatism and modernity, their emancipation is the catalyst for their fight against patriarchy, domination and alienation. These women wage a tireless battle with resilience, a smile and determination.

What triggered each of them? How do they get around patriarchal rules? How do they cope with the resistance of those around them?

Trailer – Dert Boom

This documentary film was directed by Rajae Hammadi and Zakaria Rochdi, and was produced by Racines Aisbl as part of the ‘Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace‘ project.

Racines News CUSP 2023/11/15

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