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A guide for action on violence against women in Morocco

The guide presents, in its first section entitled "Understanding", the concepts and statistics linked to violence against women. It draws up an initiatory portrait to raise the reader's awareness of the scope of this phenomenon in Morocco.

The second section, " Action ", provides an overview of legal mechanisms in response to violence perpetrated on women in Morocco. It also includes actions and support for women (sorority circles, self-defense groups...) that restore to women the strength and the dignity of which they have often been dispossessed of.

Author: Aida Kheireddine

This guide is produced as part of the project ‘Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace’

Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace is a network that aims to strengthen arts and cultural institutions in low- and middle-income countries so that they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflicts while ensuring the equal participation of women and girls in this process.

03/01/2023 - 15:01