Call for Participation for the SummerLab #3

For the third consecutive year, OpenTaqafa platform organizes SummerLab in former Abattoirs of Casablanca between 08 and 12 October 2014. Meeting Space, SummerLab is not a festival. Any interested person may offer content, participation is free and open. Through this approach, the SummerLab aims to break down barriers between disciplines and approaches, between creators and audiences in a framework coworking and open trade. Digital art in DIY electronics, through cultural management, permaculture, graffiti, creating fanzine, the musical or theatrical performance, recycling, or the alternative economy… SummerLab is organized around thematic working freely established. The intersection of disciplines, knowledge and approaches favors the emergence of opportunities for creation and open learning. SummerLab # 3: Hack the city! The exclusive town of inclusive city … Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, is the largest population concentration in the country. We believe that the development of this comes at the expense of its people, hence the reflection driven around “inclusive city”. The SummerLab Casablanca 2014 attempt to open fields of reflection and action to move from the city to the exclusive inclusive city generate projects and commons. The project develops a methodology goes according stream link, meet, learn, remix, create, and share. In doing the workshops will focus on joint learning and production of prototypes or documentation on the themes proposed. Who can participate? Any group or individual who wishes to participate in this dynamic may propose a self-organized initiative under the summerlab Casablanca. It can be a workshop, a discussion group, a discovery tour of the public spaces in the city, discussion, experimentation, performance … How to participate? Two ways to enter: – As a participant, you only have to complete the first part of the form: – As head of kernel you must complete the entire form by specifying your needs before 1 October 2014. Contact: OpenTaqafa platform: [email protected] Mohammed Rahmo: +212 663 53 66 86

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