Call for projects : Africa // Mobility grants

You are an artist, a performing arts professional (music, dance, theater …), an organization or a cultural association, a diffusion space, a festival … You are based in Africa? These grants are for you !

You are an artist, a performing arts professional (music, dance, theater …), an organization or a cultural association, a diffusion space, a festival … You are based in Africa? These grants are for you !

Africa Art Lines objectives:

  • Identify and support artists and holders of intra-African artistic and cultural projects.
  • Ensure better presence of Moroccan artists in the continent and host African artists and projects in Morocco.
  • Encourage creative projects between Morocco and the other countries of the continent.
  • Extend the audiences and participate to the development of art market in Africa.
  • Convey through the arts, the values of diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Eligibility criteria:

Artists and cultural operators must be resident in the African continent. The projects must be related to Morocco (from Morocco to another African country or conversely) and to performing arts disciplines (music, dance, theater..). 
The application must include the following :

  • Completed online form
  • Files to be attached to the form :
    1. Invitation letter of your partner (please advise in case of more delay needed to send your invitation letter)
    2. Artist presentation
    3. Structure presentation
    4. HD photos and Logo
    5. Video and audio links
    6. Any additional information that may support your application


Each call has an opening and closing date and outside of these dates it is not possible to apply. Unfortunately, all projects can not be supported by AAL. 
Call for projects opening : JANUARY 25, 2018
Deadline to submit applications : FEBRUARY 28, 2018 at midnight
This call concerns projects taking between APRIL 01 and AUGUST 15, 2018

The beneficiary’s commitment:

Once your project is selected, you will receive a partnership agreement to be signed with the hosting structure of the project, along with the Afrikayna / AAL logo block to be used on all communication materials that are related to the project. The beneficiaries of the grant commit, under an agreement with AAL, that the host organization will send all previously requested information and documents, confirms his flight plans and sends back the signed contract within the deadlines communicated. 
If all the conditions have been fulfilled but the trip was cancelled after the ticket has been issued, for any reason other than major force cases, the ticket price will be reimbursed by the host organization.

Selection criteria: 

Projects will be selected according to the following criteria :

  • Career of the artist, band and its artistic level
  • Objectives and actions of the operators and organizing structures
  • Complete description and information about the project, partners and/or artists taking part.
  • Expected project results and impacts.
  • Dates and calendar


  • The number of flights granted for a single project may be total or partial.
  • A project may include multiple destinations
  • An average of three travel grants per project are awarded

In order to help us better assimilate your project and control management aspects, coordination and follow up, please make sure that :

  • Your passports are valid during the travel period
  • There is indeed an agreement between the project parts on the entire host arrangements, hospitality, artistic, technical and communication process: confirmation letter, invitation letter, Certificate/ project convention…
  • You are fine with Visa procedures for your host country


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