Documentary film “Dert BOOM”

This film is produced as part of the project ‘Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace’

Moroccan women free their voices in forum theater workshops. Together, they dissect patriarchy, laugh at its absurdity, talk about their desire for freedom, their dreams and their aspirations. Brimming with emancipatory fervor, their life stories are a rallying cry against insidious patriarchy.

In a country (Morocco) divided between conservatism and modernity, their emancipation is the catalyst for the fight against patriarchy, domination and alienation. Women lead their tireless fight with resilience, smiles and determination.

What was the trigger for each of them? How do they circumvent patriarchal rules? How do they face the resistance of those around them?

Link to watch the trailer:

The official release date will be announced soon.
Stay tuned !

Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace is a network that aims to strengthen arts and cultural institutions in low- and middle-income countries so that they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflicts while ensuring the equal participation of women and girls in this process.

Racines News CUSP 2023/01/03

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