New Festival nominations for Dert BOOM

We are delighted to announce that our documentary film Dert Boom has been selected for several national and international film festivals Women in Film and Television – Cyprus (WIFT CYPRUS); Sheffield Global Cinema Festival (UK); Divine Feminine Film Fest (USA); FINIFA – Festival International Issni N Ourgh du film amazigh (Morocco). The film received the Award of Excellence from the WRPN Women’s International Film Festival (USA).
About the film

Moroccan women speak out in forum theater workshops. Together they deconstruct patriarchy, laugh at its absurdity, and talk about their desire for freedom, their dreams and their aspirations. Overflowing with emancipatory fervor, their life stories are a rallying cry against an insidious patriarchy.
Trailer :

Dert Boom is directed by Zakaria Rochdi and Rajae Hammadi and produced by Racines, as part of the “Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace” project.


Racines News CUSP 2023/10/22

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