Publication: Women’s stories of resistance to violence in Morocco

During the first phase of the CUSP project, Racines Aisbl organised forum theatre workshops in three regions of Morocco.

Each of these workshops brought together about twenty participants.

The methodology of forum theatre was chosen to collect testimonies (life stories) from the participating women, notably on their perception and definition of violence, on the difficulties they face on a daily basis, on the origins of violence and on the mechanisms of resistance to this insidious violence in Morocco.

The publication examines the nature and scope of individual resistance to insidious violence by Moroccan women. We will use the method of narrative analysis as a form of qualitative research to understand women experiencing violence, to determine the processes by which these women manage to emancipate themselves and resist the insidious violence inflicted on them by society through its different institutions (family, school, public space, workplace, …) and the consequences of their resistance and emancipation.

We seek to better understand individual struggles and resistances against violence, to generate meaning and to understand how women give meaning to their lives and their struggles.

Culture for Inclusive and Sustainable Peace is a network that aims to strengthen arts and cultural institutions in low- and middle-income countries so that they can become a reference point for the identification and transformation of social conflicts while ensuring the equal participation of women and girls in this process.


Racines News CUSP 2023/01/03

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