Racines has elected its new board !

We are pleased to announce that, after its general assembly held on Saturday, April 4, 2015, the association Racines for culture, development and promotion of creative industries in Morocco and Africa, has renewed its board. The members of the new board (2015-2018) are : – M. Raymond Benhaim, president Mr. Benhaim succeeds as chairperson to Mr. Aadel Essaadani. He is economist, consultant and activist in several national and international civil society organizations. – M. Ahmed Madkouri, general secretary Cultural mediator, graduated from the faculty of Mohammedia and a Master in economy and management of media (ISIC) – Ms Souad Moudkhil, treasurer Manager-consultant in IT sector – Assessors : Ms Rajae Hammadi, Master in marketing and business at ENCG school, programme director at Global Girl Media Morocco M. Saïd Lekbouri, entrepreneur (IT network and safety) M. Abbas Mseffer, graduated from ISCAE school, marketing manager in the private sector The staff remains the same : – Ms Dounia Benslimane, executive director – M. El Mehdi Azdem, projects’ coordinator – M. Najib Haouzia, accountant – Ms Sara Chakli, intern/assistant – M. Thierry Fanilo Randriamanampy, intern/assistant The team will be completed by M. Aadel Essaadani, as the general coordinator. Thank you very much to the former board members : Aadel Essaadani, Aicha El Beloui, Ghita Khaldi, Amel Abou El Aazm and Abderrahim Kassou, for their commitment and their work during these couple of years, which made the association grow and achieve a lot of its objectives, related to its defined missions. Congratulations to the new board ! We are sure that, thanks to its members leadership, our organization will continue to grow up and hold structural projects for the development of the Moroccan cultural sector and to maintain its place among the civil society organizations in our network, in Africa and elsewhere.

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