Screening of BOZA! during the “Semaine du Film” in Casablanca

As part of its Film Week, Carrefour des Livres organized a screening of “Boza!” on August 21st.

This was followed by a Q&A session dedicated to the methodology used in the film, the general context of migration in Morocco, and a discussion on the essential measures to address practices leading to the marginalization of migrant communities.

The film tells the story of three men who leave their respective countries in search of a dignified life.

Along the way, they realize that their journey to the European “Eldorado” was not as straightforward as they had hoped. In the meantime, they encounter unexpected events.

Fear, rejection, hope, and resilience… The many faces of the migratory journey!

By sharing the personal stories of these individuals, the documentary aims to foster empathy and understanding while raising awareness about the realities faced by migrants worldwide.

Watch the trailer here:

Racines News MADAR 2023/09/07

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