“Témoigner Pour Agir” – Stories of Migration

The realities of migration are far from being simple, and understanding them is essential if we are to avoid judgement and stigmatisation of people who, at some point in their lives, take this initiative, which is not without risk. The experience of migration is littered with obstacles and complications that, over time, turn it into an existential ordeal. “Témoigner Pour Agir” is a collection of authentic testimonies in which different voices are heard.  These voices, as diverse and multiple as they are, tell us about these realities and shed light on these life stories. The aims of the platform are to: 

  • Connect people to the human stories of migration; 
  • Understand what words like “integration”, “protection” and ” welcoming” really mean; 
  • Raise awareness of pressing issues related to migration and forced displacement while seeking to inform and shape policy at national and international levels.

We see testimony as a powerful advocacy tool, adopting the philosophy of French activist Franck Lepage: “The only effective way to campaign is to start from what you have experienced, to talk about yourself“. 

This “Témoigner pour Agir” campaign was conceived as part of the MADAR (Maghreb Action on Displacement and Rights) Network Plus project, which aims to improve the humanitarian protection of vulnerable displaced people in the Greater Maghreb.

Whether you have been or are in a migration situation, a friend or host of a migrant, a community leader, a member of civil society, an artist or even if you just want to share an experience, your testimonies are essential. Together, they build a collective advocacy to better defend and improve the rights of displaced people and to change mentalities. We invite you to join the movement and record your testimony.

  • Target audience: Migrants, local population, artists, representatives of civil society organisations, community leaders, political decision-makers, etc.
  • Testimonial format: Video, audio, text, image, illustration, etc.
  • Subjects: Free (Racism, access to public services, life in society, love stories, work, friendships, actions, commitments, …) 


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