BOZA! selected for Festival of Impact in Edinburgh

We are happy to announce that our documentary “BOZA!” has been selected to be shown at the Festival of Impact, organized by the University of Edinburgh from May 28 to 30, 2024. The film will be showcased in the “Social Sciences on Screen” category.

The screening of BOZA! will provide an opportunity to share the life stories of three individuals forced to leave their home countries in pursuit of a better life, by detailing the ups and downs of their journeys. Additionally, the screening will engage the audience in a discussion around the participatory approach involved in the film’s making, and its relevance to the academic research being carried out in parallel with the film.

About BOZA!

Barnes, Joel and Abdou leave their respective countries, pursuing a dignified life.
On the road, they realize that their adventure to the European “Eldorado” was not so simple. Meanwhile, they find themselves facing unexpected events.

Fear, rejection, hope and resilience.. Multiple faces of the migratory adventure !


This film is directed and produced by Racines aisbl, as part of the MADAR project ‘Maghreb Action on Displacement and Rights’

Stay tuned for more details on events associated with “BOZA!”

Racines News MADAR 2024/05/17

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