End of the 4th season of the MDRs: thank you all !

The 4th season of the debates “Mercredi de Racines” (MDR) on the theme “professional meetings” ended successfully on July 16th 2014 with the meeting on the current state of photography in Morocco. During this season 10 professional meetings were organized in both cities Casablanca and Rabat with the participation of 26 professionals from 11 different artistic fields. This year, hundreds of people attended all the debates and joined the professionals of each field to deliver their findings, remarks, criticism, expectations and recommendations. Racines association warmly thanks all the debaters who largely contributed to our inventory and diagnostic work on culture with their experiences and recommendations. We would like to thank also our partners who have been supporting us from day one of this project: the Norwegian embassy in Morocco , the Mimeta Centre for culture and development, the British Council, the René Seydoux Fundation, the Heinrich Böll Fundation, the French embassy, EUNIC Rabat, and our media partners Hit Radio. Thank you to the cultural places that hosted our events: the USM club, the national institute for drama and cultural activities (ISADAC), the ABC theater, the Royal National Library of Morocco and Fabrique Culturelle des anciens Abattoirs of Casablanca. And of course thank you to all of you who are following and supporting Racines from the first season of “Mercredi de Racines” ! See you all on november 2014 at the Royal National library of Morocco in Rabat for the first meeting on the current state of cultutre in Morocco!! Racines association wishes you a very nice summer and holidays

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