Racines Carrées : The Incubation Phase ends

The second phase of the “Racines Carrées” incubator programme continued with determination and passion.

From July 24th to 28th,  the second series of group training sessions focused on “Cultural media in the press”, led by Driss Baakili. The week also covered “Financial management of cultural projects”, a key theme for our incubatees.

The arrival of September brought other highlights. First, Claudine Dussollier revealed how to position a cultural project in a professional environment and how to choose the right strategy, and Claude Pichot introduced the technical aspects of cultural projects to the incubates.

During the 3rd week of training, Ferdinand Richard took a deeper dive into the intricacies of international outreach of cultural projects and the rights associated with cultural creation (human rights, copyright, freedom of creation, etc.).

The final week of training, organized in the week of 16 October 2023, focused on digital communication with Youssef Meskaoui. The training modules ended with three days on the Moroccan cultural environment and the financing of cultural projects, with Soumia Idba . 

Each of these training courses was built around a synergy between theoretical and practical aspects, guaranteeing active participation and optimum assimilation of the content by the incubatees.

In addition to collective training courses, Racines Carrées gives each incubatee the opportunity to share their know-how at popular education workshops organized by the incubatees for marginalized or disadvantaged communities. The following popular education workshops were organized: 

– From 3 to 5 July, Ismail El Fallahi led the “How to create a monodrama” workshop at the Fondation des Arts Vivants in Casablanca. 

– In August, Youssef and Rachid El Belghiti organized a workshop on “Journalistic writing techniques and how to make a successful photo portrait” at the Tamounte association in Arbaâ Sahel, in the province of Tiznit. 

– In September, Dar Bellarj hosted an “Experimental Documentary” workshop, run by Anas El Hatimi, for young people from the foundation. The workshop culminated in the making of the short film “Danse, ô Terre”, orchestrated by the young people of Dar Bellarj under the supervision of Anas El Hatimi and the experts he called on. 

– Achraf Harkaoui, for his part, passed on his expertise in choreography at the Shems’y national circus school.

Each stage, each workshop, each week strengthens the cohesion and motivation of the incubatees, preparing them for the grand finale of the programme: the festival-market.

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